How to make 2k - 5k daily by writing health articles!!


A Lot of people said to me, "I want to be rich". I started researching to find out what does it mean being rich, only finding out it stands for ;

R Residual
I  Income
C Creates
H Happiness
Because many people you come across are negative and skeptical and aren't ready to come out of their comfort zones, hence why they are poor which stands for;

P Passing
O Over
O Opportunities
R  Repeatedly

If you want to be successful, you need to follow the successful system.

What does system stands for?

S Save
Y Yourself
S  Serious
T  Time
E   Energy and
M  Money

In any Business first, you learn and then you remove "L" so you can "Earn".

In every business, you are just Sorting for leaders, what does sorting mean;

S  Seeking
O  Open minded
R  Reliable
T  Trustworthy
I    Individuals
N  Needing
G  Growth

Business is all about having a formidable team that can work things out with you. All of us at work as a team to fulfill our purpose of creating wealth and am sure you would want to team up with us.

The best business opportunity we can recommend at the moment is Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program, also known as HIWAP. Health Is Wealth is one of the best platforms that share health tips and educate its members and visitors on how to maintain wellness.

If you desire to be well both financially and medically, then Health Is Wealth Affiliate program is for you! With determination, You could be earning a huge sum of money daily on HIWAP.

HIWAP is a mega sustainable project that will last for centuries due to the fact that people roam on Google every day in search of various health tips. Frankly speaking, partaking in this great project is one of the best life decisions you would ever take. This is not a sweet mouth but the truth. We have seen the potential of HIWAP.

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HIWAP Offers You The Opportunity To;

  • Get Free Health Tips
  •  Earn N1000 Per Each Published Article
  • Earn Massively With or Without Referring (Via spillover effect)
  • Get Free Health Education 
  • Enjoy Unlimited Health Products and Services with the aid of one time upgrading. 
  • Start up with little and one-time registration fee of N2000.

Here Is The Earning Structure

Hiwap has a reasonable and simple earning structure. Hiwap gives you the opportunity to exploit multiple affiliate commissions on a 2x2 matrix system with effective spillover.

With a one time investment
/product purchase of ₦2,000, you will earn:
50% direct referral commission
  1. 25% indirect commission from your sub referrals and
  2. 10% matching bonus every time your referrals complete their
  3. circle.
 4. Earn N1000 Per Each Published Article o

HIWAP 2x2 matrix circle is very simple, no long stages, no long recruit level, no overrated promises of incentive. Earn the money as you go.

Below Is An Illustration On How You Can Earn On HIWAP.▼

Registration is free, but Once you pay your upgrading fee of N2000, you'll enter a new board circle.

When you introduce two persons as your down lines, you'll earn N1000 each as referral commission, Which is N2000 for the two down lines.

When your two referrals bring bring two each, you'll earn N2000 as indirect referral commission from your 4 sub down lines.

Because your 2 down lines now have their own two down lines each, you have automatically completed a cycle, you'll also earn a matching  bonus of N2,000 for completing a cycle.

That's a total N6,000 per each cycle.
As soon as you complete a cycle, you'll enter a new cycle where your previous down lines will meet you for continuity.

You can complete as many cycles as you wish per day.

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Note: Irrespective of the matrix system, you shall continue earning N1000 bonus anytime you introduce a new person to Hiwap. The N1000 bonus is constant.

You can also earn with the aid of spillover, even without referring anybody, all you need to do is just signup and those who will join after you will definitely fall under you. The faster, the better. The earning structure is just so sweet and favourable to everyone!


There are many earning options on HIWAP, if you are not good at referring, kindly sign-up using the link below to join our TEAM in order to benefit from massive spillovers. You could be getting many referrals daily through our TEAM even without REFERRING anybody.

On HIWAP, you also get paid N1000 instantly per each post you publish. if you can create up to 10 posts daily, that's N10,000 daily.

Even with my busy schedule, i still earn at least 5k daily just for creating topics. This is so sweet and one of the reasons why you are expected to upgrade your account immediately after registration.

This is an awesome opportunity you can't afford to miss.

How To Join Hiwap?

Registration is free. But to benefit from the income program and other unique products & services, you're expected to pay a one time upgrading fee of N2000.


To register, just click here

The link would take you to HIWAP site, click on the toggle navigation option, like this

Click on register, just like this

You'll be redirected to the registration page. like the screenshot below

Ensure your sponsor is Oscarben.  Insert your active and valid email address. Fill all other details, Accept Terms of  Service and click on Signup.

After registration, click on the activation link sent to your email in order to activate your account.

           How To Upgrade?

To Upgrade your account in order to enjoy all the membership benefits, you are expected to deposit the sum of N2000. This will enable the admin to purchase the E-pin for your registration.

Pay into any of the following bank Account

Acct Name: Akor Oscar Yagazie
Acct NO: 0227589815
Bank Name: GTBank

Acct Name: Akor Oscar Yagazie

Acct NO: 2293010123
Bank Name: ECOBANK

After payment, kindly send a proof of payment  to our Admin; Oscar on WhatsApp via 08138541401

Note: You can't benefit from the income program without upgrading your account, hence, we advise you to upgrade immediately after registration so as not to miss down lines who are supposed to fall under you.

For inquiries and guidance, contact us via Call/Text/WhatsApp using the phone number 08138541401


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